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Meet the DE Team

Rick Souza


Rick started the company back in 1984 with an old pickup truck and a trailer. 34 years later he’s still active in guiding the company in new and viable directions. Retool, refresh and on to new frontiers!

Mary Ransdell


Mary has been the powerhouse behind our sales force for over 12 years. This has been evident in the incredible return of satisfied annual clientele. Her creative vision and can-do approach to all challenges have helped us continue to make the impossible... possible!

Adam Wilson

For 15 years Adam has created magic in our graphics and theme divisions. He is unfazed by the many challenges that our clients (and sales dept.) bring his way. He quietly just puts his creative energies toward making it happen- and rocks it every time!

Darin Fuerstinger

Darin’s job as logistics manager is to keep juggling all the balls clients toss us and make all of it look seamless. From the load-in and load outs, coordination of transportation & freight, maintaining an organized warehouse and much more- Darin helps us keep our ducks in a row!

Andy Seher

Andy’s job is to make sure “the show goes on-no matter what!”. Whether it’s a 200 booth trade show or a large corporate theme event- Andy runs the crews that set and take them down as per contract. It takes a man with pretty broad shoulders to make that all happen - and Andy’s that guy!


Our Crew

James, Alex, Garrett, Kyler, Carlos, Ryan (and many more) are the ones who GET IT DONE. They are the front line- loading the trucks, setting up the shows, dealing with the clients up close- doing the heavy lifting of making it all happen. We are blessed to have a truly wonderful crew!


DE Expo & Event Services
5039 Duncan Drive
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815